Not all hair dryers are made equal. Most of them just do the bare minimum. They just dry your hair, and that's about it — you typically still need a separate styling tool if you want to get rid of the frizz and add volume to your locks. But not with the Diamond Collection Ionic 300 Hair Dryer.

In addition to zapping dampness out of your hair, it's also capable of giving you a salon-quality blowout. Equipped with an ultra-lightweight DC motor, this styling tool cuts your drying time in half. It features multiple heat (hot, cool, and warm) and airflow settings (high and low), allowing you to easily customize your styling. Compatible with all hair types, whether you have thick, wavy locks or stick straight hair, this dryer can help you achieve blowout perfection. It also comes with an accompanying concentrator nozzle that you can use to control frizz and style perfectly smooth strands.

For Cyber Monday, you can score the Diamond Collection Ionic 300 Hair Dryer on sale for only $36.80 with code CMSAVE20

Prices are subject to change.

Diamond Collection Ionic 300 Hair Dryer - $36.80 (CMSAVE20)

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