As humans, being told to stay at home and away from others may seem isolating and lonely. However, the dogs of the world have been rejoicing as their families don't rush out the door in the morning and provide endless walks, constant attention, and even a few dance and birthday parties. Here are some of our favorites captured living their best lives during this quarantine.

1. This pack of doggos that got their human all to themselves on her birthday
2. This ball of fluff that finally learned how to fly
3. This pup summing up how we all feel being stuck inside
4. This guy that got knew how to finally get the ball thrown
5. This bullie that gave life to his human's puns
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Social distancing appawrently doesn’t apply to me ?????????????????

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6. This sweetheart who's finally getting all the puppy love
7. This pupper that has been waiting his whole life to have a beach to himself
8. These basic guys that finally got their Starbucks fix
9. This babe that was gifted a brand new handmade scarf blanket
10. This pack that was gifted with a brand new human-sized bed
11. This doggo that finally took over the gaming
12. This sweet guy finally experiencing superhero life
13. This yogi who knew it was finally his time to steal the spotlight
14. This naughty pup who forgot there was a toilet paper crisis
15. These dudes who also decided to put some TP to creative use
16. This doggo who's gunning for a second career as an Instacart shopper
17. This sleepy guy who finally got to reclaim his sibling's bed
18. This leprechaun who was finally included in holiday celebrations
19. This dancing queen who's finally being included in his human's dance parties
20. This good boy celebrating a new version of March Madness
21. This klepto who has found a way to steal his own fun
22. This coworker that has taken over all the Zoom calls
23. This camper who's making sure his human doesn't drink alone
24. This sleepy guy that isn't used to trading nap time for playtime

Rainy day in quarantine (should it be capitalized by this point?) mood. Note: they’re not allowed on the couch. They know this, we know this, and they know no one cares anymore.

Posted by Allison Hederman on Saturday, April 25, 2020
25. This pack of good boys that don't care about house rules anymore
26. And finally, these chickens that were gifted with a cuter home than mine
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