Everything You Need to Create a Classic Valentine

Valentine's Day Greeting Card Kit

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Don’t think you have time to make valentines this year? La Design Boutique on Etsy has got you covered. This pre-assembled Valentine’s Day greeting card kit includes five blank cards, twine rope, paper flowers, hearts, and envelopes—everything you need to create gorgeous, sentimental valentines without the hassle of restocking on arts and craft supplies.

Scissor Cut Valentine Kit

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Modeled after traditional German Scherenschnitte, Copse and Spinney on Etsy have created an easy-to-follow, beautifully intricate scissor cut valentine kit. This Etsy shop offers an instant download link, so you can start creating charming scenes of fox and hedgehog duos in no time.

Scratch-A-Sketch Valentine Kit

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Sometimes it’s best to take it back to the basics, and these retro Scratch-A-Sketch valentines from Inklings Paperie on Etsy do just that. Hide sweet messages in the Etch-A-Sketch’s screen for a fun, retro valentine card that requires minimal crafting prowess.

Valentine Splendor Card Kit

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Victorian greeting cards really went off on their greeting cards, and if you’re looking to embody the romantic whimsy of the late 19th century, this card kit from Craft It Up By Lisa is a great place to start. With hundreds of pieces to work with, the possibilities in this kit are practically endless.


As convenient as pre-assembled kits are, classic valentines can be made-from-scratch by homemade newbies and crafting champions alike—so if you have the time and sequins to spare, we say go for it. Let’s start with the card’s base: paper.

Graphique Gold Heart Flat Notes

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Romantic without being too kitsch, these Gold Heart Flat Notes from Graphique offer a great canvas for heartfelt poems, inside jokes, or short and sweet Valentine’s greetings.

Blank Heart Note Cards

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Girly, sweet, and reminiscent of the Powerpuff Girls opening credits, these blank heart note cards from The Best Card Company could only be more Valentine-y if a cupid’s arrow popped out at you when you opened them.

"Sending Love" Pattern Paper Pack

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For more control over your valentine’s size and shape, opt for patterned craft paper. Miss Kate Cuttables’ "Sending Love" patterned paper pack includes classic heart designs and festively-colored stripes, plaids, and mid-century geometric shapes.

YARUMI Valentines Day Patterned Paper Pad

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Valentine’s Day is great and all, but the red-and-pink combo is not for everyone. This patterned paper pack from YARUMI features soft, neutral tones with whimsical patterns of florals, swans, and other vintage designs that are beautiful enough to use year-round.


Oftentimes, only one design element is needed to really embody a holiday's signature look: for St. Patrick’s Day, it’s a clover; for Halloween, it’s a pumpkin; for Valentine’s Day, it’s a heart-shaped paper doily.

Mini Valentine Heart Doilies

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Featuring quintessential Valentine’s colors of bright red, baby pink, and white, these heart-shaped doilies effortlessly tie a valentine together. Use leftover doilies for presenting festive desserts, stringing garland, or as coasters.

TOSEEY Handmade Crochet Doilies

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Handmade, premium cotton doilies offer a timeless touch and interesting textures to valentines, both large and small. With a wide range of sizes and lace designs, you’ll be able to use these doilies around the home long after February 14th.


Not an artist? Not a problem. You can add beautiful, eye-catching designs to your valentine without ever picking up a pencil with these holiday-themed stickers.

Fancy Land Valentine Heart Stickers

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From art-deco to American traditional to cartoon, this 400-sticker holiday set from Fancy Land features a wide range of design aesthetics to match any and all valentine styles. Good luck resisting the urge to stick these super-cute hearts everywhere.

Old-Time Valentine Stickers

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Early 20th century motifs like winged cupids, rosy-cheeked children, and romantic one-liners are made easy with this old-time valentine sticker set by Carol Belanger Grafton. Transform the cardstock you bought yesterday into a priceless vintage postcard with just a peel and a stick.

Sweet Heart Washi Masking Tape

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Washi tape is a decorative adhesive tape made from Japanese paper, and we are obsessed. These decorative spools of tape can be used for bullet journals, wall decor, and of course, sprucing up a homemade valentine.


Equally helpful for those not-so-artistically-gifted are stencils, which help create beautiful calligraphy and lettering without taking a crash-course in handwriting styles.

Konsait Valentine's Day Stencils

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Skip the sketching and erasing, drawing and erasing, writing and erasing....you get the point. Stencils like this 16-pack from Konsait feature classic Valentine’s designs and messages from flying cupids to lovestruck flamingos. Swoon.

Outus Valentine's Day Stencils

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For a different variety of Valentine’s designs, including ‘I miss you’ messages for long-distance lovers, try this 22-pack of stencils from Outus. These decorative stencils can be used year-round for multiple holidays, get well cards, and more.

CODOHI Valentine Painting Templates

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Featuring multiple sizes, styles, and romantic messages like ‘I love you to the moon and back’ and ‘All you need is love,’ CODOHI’s painting templates can be used multiple times and are great for greeting cards, framed signs, and decorating fabric throw pillows and tote bags.

Finishing Touches

Because sometimes, it needs a little something extra.

Hemway Eco Friendly Biodegradable Glitter

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A doily-covered, pink and red valentine is practically begging for a splash of iridescent glitter. But before you start throwing shimmery fairy dust on everything, make sure you’re using eco-friendly, biodegradable glitter like this vegan glitter from Hemway.

Valentines Glitter Pom-Poms

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Most of us stopped using craft pom-poms when we left school, and that’s a grave misfortune we want to rectify immediately. These ultra-cute glitter pom-poms in red and pink will effortlessly transform your homemade cards into Lisa Frank-like masterpieces.

Holicolor Gem Stickers

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Make a valentine fit for royalty with this 390-piece pack of self-adhesive craft jewels. With a rainbow of colors and eight shapes to choose from, these gem stickers can be used year-round.

Poetry Generators

love poem

So, you’ve made the perfect valentine. The doilies are glued to perfection, all cupids perfectly placed, and right where a poem should be, there’s an...empty, uninspired, why-did-I-think-I-should-make-this space.

Don’t worry! As always, the internet has created a solution for hopeless romantics stuck in a fit of writer’s block. Complete your valentine with an auto-generated poem from any of these online services:

Poem Generator

Think of two or three simple adjectives to describe your special someone, and let this online poem generator do the rest.

Valentine's Day Poem Generator

Enter your love’s name, hair color, and eye color for a romantic love poem that would give even the most stoic of recipients the butterflies.

Random Valentine Generator

Whether you’re looking for something lighthearted or you and your partner show affection by roasting each other, this random valentine generator game from Beano is a great way to get inspired without taking it too seriously.

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