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When it comes to saving the planet, the individual choices we make every day can make a huge impact. This is especially true when it comes to the products we choose to consume. If you are looking for a brand that lives by a united set of values and a brand that can deliver essential, sustainable products to your door at a low price. Look no further than Public Goods.

What is Public Goods?

woman and baby in a tub with public goods products

Public Goods is a brand that believes the products you use every day should be healthy, sustainable, and easy to access. They deliver affordable, well-designed, eco-friendly essentials directly to you in simple, minimalist packaging.

Public Goods has a membership model that allows them to offer the highest quality, sustainable products at a low price point. For just $59 per year, you can access their entire line of thoroughly researched, high-quality products at well below retail prices.

How does a Public Goods Membership Work?

bottles from Public Goods

Most brands have to go through four different suppliers before selling you a product, and each one of those steps adds costs to the retail price. With the Public Goods membership model, they are able to partner with the best vendors on the planet to offer products that are good for you, good for your budget, and good for the environment.

To get an idea of how Public Goods works, you can try any of their products with a free, two-week membership. During that time, you can check out their eco-friendly innovations, like sugar cane bottles and tree-free paper.

Before your two-week free trial is up, you'll discover that Public Goods offers longer-lasting products with high-end, ethically sourced ingredients. Not only do they make less waste and pollution, but they're also enjoyable to use.

Here are 5 reasons why you should sign up for Public Goods

1. Pet Products

cute puppy with public goods pet products

If you have a sweet fur baby and are looking for beautiful and sustainable pet care essentials, Public Goods has got you covered. Public Goods offers numerous pet care items for both dogs and cats.

For pups, they offer Chicken and Brown Rice Dog Kibble, Freeze Dried Duck Nibs Dog Food, Sweet Potato Fry Chews, and Cheese Chews. Public Goods also has Oatmeal & Aloe Dog Shampoo and Waste Bags, and you can get all of these items in their Dog Bundle.

The pet food products are grain-free and all-natural, and they don't contain wheat, corn, or soy. The dog shampoo is plant-based and 100% biodegradable, and the waste bags are plastic-free.

For the kitties, Public Goods has premium Cat Kibble, Freeze Dried Duck Nibs Cat Food, and Catnip. The chicken is hormone and antibiotic-free, so your cat can build lean muscle and get essential fatty acids for a shiny coat.

2. Cleaners

public goods cleaners

Cleaning products are some of the biggest offenders when it comes to harming the environment, but it doesn't have to be that way. With Public Goods cleaners, you can freshen things up both safely and naturally.

Their Bathroom Cleaner is free of harsh chemicals and provides an effective plant-powered clean with a subtle, fresh scent derived from lemon and rosemary essential oils. It will wash away soap scum, stains, and all your bathroom funk.

The Glass Cleaner from Public Goods will leave a bright, streak-free shine on any glass surface. It's powered by ingredients derived from coconut, corn, and citric acid, so you can clean glass without leaving behind harmful chemical residues. There's no ammonia, phthalates, parabens, or synthetic fragrance in this vegan-friendly, biodegradable, and eco-friendly glass cleaner.

The Surface Cleaner is made from purified water, active ingredients derived from coconut, food-grade preservative, and jasmine essential oils. It will become your trusted, daily go-to for cleaning up dirt, grease, and grime.

One of the coolest things about Public Goods cleaners is that after you purchase each spray bottle, all you have to do is buy the concentrated refills when you run out of cleaner. This way, you can reuse your plastic bottle and pay just half the cost for the refill. That's a win for both your pocketbook and the planet.

3. Bamboo Razor Handle and Blades

public goods razor blades

Disposable plastic razors aren't environmentally friendly, and razors with blade refills can get pricey. That's why we absolutely love the Bamboo Razor Handle and Blades from Public Goods. The refillable bamboo razor handle is a sustainable, elegant upgrade to the standard plastic handles, and it's made for all genders.

As for the blades, they are the only true dollar razor blades on the market. The meticulously crafted, gender-neutral razors from Public Goods are an affordable essential. Seriously, their price is four blades for just one dollar!

4. CBD Oil

public goods CBD oils

You can find CBD pretty much everywhere these days, but that market saturation makes it difficult to know if you are getting CBD of the highest quality. At Public Goods, they offer some of the best CBD Oil, Salve, and Soft Gels you can find.

Their CBD Oil is available in both Original and Peppermint, and it's organically grown in Colorado. The CBD Oil from Public Goods is pure, natural, and sourced from sustainable hemp growers with the highest standards so you can get all of the plant's benefits.

The CBD Oil is made from regeneratively grown hemp and organic MCT oil. The peppermint version features organic peppermint essential oil. There are no pesticides, gluten, or GMO's, and the CBD is vegan-friendly.

The CBD salve is made of pure, potent CBD with eucalyptus essential oil to soothe and relieve your aches and pains. It's natural, non-habit forming, and multi-purpose.

5. Zero Waste

public goods zero waste reusable bags

Public Goods is committed to sustainability, and their zero waste products are the tools that can help make that happen. They offer Reusable Food Storage Wraps, Bamboo Straws, Reusable Cotton Totes, Reusable Cotton Produce Bags, and Reusable Mesh Grocery Bags.

That's just the beginning, though. A Public Goods membership will also give you access to things like Vacuum Bottles, Compostable Trash Bags, and Ayate Washcloths.

Each product that Public Goods makes meets the highest standards possible. Most are certified organic, and there are plenty of options that are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and tree-free. Get started with your two-week trial today and see what Public Goods has to offer.

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