Taking out the trash when you were little was probably one of your least favorite chores — and for good reason. It's understandably tedious and gross. Thankfully, there's technology that exists purely to make our lives easier and nothing epitomizes that more than than the Townew. The Townew is a smart trash can that's self-sealing and changing — meaning it literally does the worst part of taking out the garbage for you.

TL;DR: you need to have this smart trash can in your kitchen. All you need to do once your garbage is full is hold the touch button, and it seals the bag for you. When you remove the sealed bag, the lid closes and automatically pulls a new trash bag securely in place.

The refill rings are 100% recyclable, and contain up to 25 durable trash bags — each lasting approximately one month. Take out all the human error of ripped garbage bags, leaks and spills, and let this handy trash do it all for you. There's even a convenient overload feature that seals the bag without spillage, and infrared sensor technology that automatically opens the lid when it senses any detected movement within a 14 inch range.

Powered by a 2,000 mAh battery, it operates off a full charge that lasts for a full month. Usually the Townew is $119.85, but you can get it here for $105.

Townew: The World's First Self-Sealing & Changing Trash Can (Value Pack) - $105

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