Boy, do we have a refreshing sipper for you! Whether you're hoping on the sober trend and laying off the booze, or just looking for a delicious bevy that won't leave you hungover in the morning, we've discovered just the thing! Read on for the best booze-free beverage your tastebuds have ever experienced.

Ginger + Lemon = BFFs

Ginger bio and lemon on white background.

You may already know that ginger and lemon are best friends. For instance, Lemon Ginger Tea is good and good for you. Our new favorite mocktail combines the dynamic duo in mouthwatering ways as well.

The Reveal: Our New Favorite Mocktail

Lemonade with ginger and mint. Summer ginger lemonade with mint. Refreshing summer lemonade. Summer cold cocktail. Vitamin Healthy Drink Concept

Drumroll please, ladies and gentlemen. Our new favorite new mocktail is ginger beer and lemonade. Simple, sweet, sour, and snappy, this tongue-tantalizer has it all.


Ginger Ale or Kombucha in Bottle - Homemade lemon and ginger organic probiotic drink, copy space.

We are pretty obsessed with ginger beer in general. It's delish on its own, or in a cocktail like a Dark n' Stormy or Moscow Mule. (See Our Definitive Ranking of the Best Ginger Beer Brands Ever.) However, like rootbeer, its kind of a misnomer since it's not boozy at all. That's what makes it eligible to add to our list of amazing booze-free beverages.

We use Gosling’s ginger beer and Simply Lemonade, but feel free to experiment. You really can't go wrong with this flavor combo. You could even try it with homemade lemonade.

How to Make Our Fave Mocktail

Refreshing Golden Ginger Beer with Lime and Mint

Here's the secret ratio, y'all: 3/4 ginger beer to 1/4 lemonade. Or, if fractions aren't your thing, pour your ginger beer into a glass, take a big swig, and top it off with lemonade. It doesn't take much to really take it up a notch.

Garnish with a wedge or slice of lemon. If you want to get real fancy, you can muddle some mint or add a sprig of rosemary. Ice is not necessary when the ginger beer and lemonade both come from the fridge, but you might want to start with some if it's a very hot day and you'll be sipping al fresco.

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