Saint Patrick's Day—the time for corned beef and cabbage, singing silly Irish hymns at the top of your lungs, taking green jello shots, and drinking pints upon pints of Guinness. This year's St. Patrick's Day will look a little bit different for everybody, as various stay-at-home orders necessitate that we scale back our cheerful celebrations and pay homage to the Irish holiday at home.

If you aren't a fan of green beer, never fear. We have a few cocktail recipes up our sleeve that will be sure to delight and spark enjoyment for all drinkers alike. Grab your cocktail mixer, your shaker, and your favorite's time to get lucky with some of our favorite St. Patrick's Day cocktails!

Irish Mudslide with Jameson

Homemade Boozy Frozen Mudslide Cocktail with Whipped Cream

If you're in the mood for a fun and festive drink, we highly recommend this Irish Mudslide with Jameson. The Irish Mudslide is made just like a traditional mudslide, but with two additional ingredients: Jameson (as an ode to Ireland's favorite liquor) and green food coloring.

Stir the three liquors with some ice and milk, blend, and top with a delicious whipped cream topping of your choice. Be careful, though, because this boozy drink packs a punch! With Jameson, Baileys, and Kahlua...this drink is sure to get your party started off right!

Shamrock Sour

Green cocktail witn rum and mint, selective focus

Time to give the good 'ole whiskey sour an Irish twist to be spirited for St. Patrick's Day! The Shamrock Sour is made up of lime juice, lemon juice, simple syrup, Irish whiskey (we prefer Jameson), green food coloring, and lime wedges. You'll want to combine the above-listed ingredients (minus the lime wedge) in a cocktail shaker and mix well before pouring over ice. The lime wedge is saved until the end, so it can be used as a cute little garnish.

If you want to add an extra fun twist to this drink, feel free to add a four-leaf clover, if you can find one, to the top of the cocktail. Talk about a lucky libation!

Bailey’s Irish Floats

Whipped cream coffee

Boozy ice cream floats? Count us in! These Bailey's Irish Floats are a great way to ring in St. Patrick's Day and to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, all at once. They're also super simple to make, which means that you can spend more time, ahem, drinking.

To make a serving for two, or two for yourself, you're going to need four main ingredients: vanilla ice cream, Guinness beer, Bailey's Irish Cream, and chocolate syrup. Scoop some ice cream into your glass, then pour Guinness and Bailey's over your serving. Once you're done, drizzle your delectable drink with chocolate syrup and serve immediately. Yes, please!

Lucky Charms Shots/Milkshakes

Frosted toasted oat cereal with fun shaped marshmallows on white background. blank space for texts.

Lucky Charms are one of our favorite cereals, so it would make sense that we would be obsessed with the popular cereal in shot form, right? Right. These Lucky Charms Shots are a great way to pay homage to your childhood and ring in St. Paddy's Day, all with one teensy throwback. To make the shots, you'll need whole milk, Lucky Charms cereal, Bailey's Irish cream, rainbow sprinkles, and vanilla frosting.

The milk is first infused with the Lucky Charms and then combined with the Bailey's to add an extra zing. Crush some of the Lucky Charms with the rainbow sprinkles, and then dip the shot glasses into the vanilla frosting. Then, you guessed it, the shot glasses will be rolled in the Lucky Charms/sprinkles mixture. #MagicallyDelish

Irish Cactus

Sweet Boozy Irish Cream Mudslide Cocktail with Ice

Tequila lovers, don't worry! We have a cocktail recipe for you. Though St. Patrick's Day isn't traditionally known for its tequila-based drinks, the Irish Cactus cocktail is a very delicious exception to that rule. It's super simple to make! Combine tequila, Irish cream, ice...and stir. That's it! Your very own tequila-based drink for St. Patrick's Day. Who knew?!

Pot o’ Gold

Goldschläger cocktail pot o' gold St. Patrick's Day

Looking for a classy St. Patrick's Day cocktail? Look no further than the Pot o' Gold cocktail, which is a clever twist on a traditional whiskey cocktail. To make the Pot o' Gold, you'll need Irish whiskey, Islay scotch, lemon juice, ginger honey syrup, and an egg white. Don't have any ginger honey syrup on hand? You can actually make your own by boiling chopped ginger, honey, and water in a saucepan.

To finish up making the Pot o' Gold cocktail, mix all the ingredients together and then strain over ice. If you want to be extra fancy, consider adding some edible gold flakes to the top of your cocktail. Talk about cocktail goals!

Irish Julep

Irish julep for St. Patrick's Day. Mint julep with Irish whiskey

Love mint juleps? Us, too! Luckily, there's a way to enjoy your favorite cocktail for St. Patrick's Day with the Irish Julep. Switch out the traditional bourbon for Irish whiskey, and you've already made the switch. To make an Irish Julep, you will need simple syrup, mint leaves, Irish whiskey, crushed ice, and mint sprigs. If you don't have simple syrup readily available at hand, it's super easy to make your own! Simple syrup is an equal mixture of water and sugar, boiled on the stovetop until it reaches a syrup-like consistency. All of the ingredients will be combined and muddled into a glass until the desired consistency is reached. It was mint to be!

Sparkling Shamrock

Sparkling Shamrock sparkly green cocktail

Sparkling beverages are all the rage these days, so it only makes sense that we would include a recipe for a sparkling St. Patrick's Day cocktail, right? The Sparkling Shamrock is a great way to ring in the luck-filled holiday, and it's super simple to make. Combine vodka, lemon-lime soda, apple juice, elderflower syrup, and lime juice. Stir in a pitcher and chill for up to two hours before serving. Time to sparkle!

These are some of our favorite cocktails that we will be serving at our socially distanced stay-at-home St Patrick's Day parties. Don't worry though, we won't be serving them all at once. That's another type of party, and that's called a frat party.

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