In honor of Earth Month, Oola's Everyday Sustainability is here to inspire you to become more eco-savvy! We've rounded up our favorite green products, lifestyle tips, and guides for living a sustainable life.

Period Underwear and 6 Other Menstruation Products That Are Good For You and the Planet

blue reusable pad with daisies on it pink background

Save the planet and your coochie with environmentally-friendly, chemical-free, and gentle menstruation products worthy of being up close and personal with your lady bits.

This Pantry Staple Is the Latest Skincare MVP

two women with glowing skin

An incredible anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antioxidant, if you aren’t already using this cleansing powerhouse for your skin, it’s time to start.

Ditch Your Current Mascara, Here's Why

attractive lady holding mascara

Cosmetics and personal care products are underregulated under the current law, making it easier for possible toxins to fly under the radar. In the meantime, consumers should take greater precautions when choosing products. We've listed our favorite natural and organic mascaras that will not only keep you looking healthy and beautiful, but also the planet.

3 Surprising Truths About Organic Tampons and the 4 Best Brands

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Before you grab your trusty box tampons and hightail it out of the feminine care aisle, discover three surprising truths about organic tampons and consider what your tampon may be doing for your health, comfort, and the environment.

Affordable Fashion Brands Good for Mother Earth

Recycling of clothes. Second-hand clothes. Ecological and sustainable fashion. Second hand fashion. Ecological clothes

Fast fashion and online shopping have made it easy to forget the long chain of moving parts needed to get clothes off the rack and into your closet. From the design process to shipping, the fashion industry’s carbon footprint is a hefty one.

Serve killer looks without killing the planet by opting for sustainable, eco-friendly brands and businesses. These fashion companies use recycled materials and fair trade business practices to ensure the clothes you wear are good for you, your wallet, and Mother Earth.

8 Simple Ways to Use a Little Less Plastic, Every Day

seashells in ohne hand, plastic pieces in the other other

Reducing our everyday plastic usage is a simple but impactful way to help out our planet. Here are some ways to use a little less plastic, every day.

Delicious but Deadly: Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Almond Milk

almond milk

Moo-ve over, cow milk; 2% is practically a relic in today’s age of plant-based milk alternatives. Plant-based options are generally assumed to be healthier, more sustainable, and less damaging to animals—but you know what happens when you assume.

One of the most popular plant-based milk options—almond—is also the most ecologically destructive. But there’s no need to cry over spilled milk; we explore great-tasting alternatives that will make you forget about almond milk altogether.

The Best Non-Toxic Cookware

The Oola team is always on the hunt for the next great recipe. But we also know a chef is only as good as their tools, which is why we’ve recently set our sights on finding the best non-toxic cookware on the market.

The Only 4 Pans You Really Need In the Kitchen

Toss out your old pots and pans and graduate to GreenPan, our favorite eco-friendly, non-toxic cookware brand. Here are the only four pans you really need.

The Best Frying Pan of 2021

It's tough to get along without a good frying pan, especially when whipping up a batch of fluffy pancakes or eggs on the weekend. Now all of those troubles can be tossed aside with GreenPan, the best eco-friendly ceramic nonstick frying pans on the market! Explore the best GreenPan frying pans and discover your new favorite kitchen essential for everyday healthy worry-free cooking.

Get Off My Plate! These 6 Foods Are Horrible for the Planet

Mother Earth has over 7.5 billion mouths to feed, and that’s just counting human beings. The global food industry is stunningly massive, worth trillions of dollars, and destroying the planet that produces the food we need to survive.

Of course, not all foods (or their environmental footprints) are created equal. Some food items are far more ecologically damaging than others—unfortunately, many of these not-so-eco-friendly foods are also the most popular.

We break down some of the most environmentally destructive foods and offer great-tasting, planet-friendly alternatives.

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